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Essential Oils

RRP $15.99

The Ultimate Essential Oils And Aromatherapies Guide AND Recipes... The modern lifestyle we live does not do justice to our physical wellness. When we combine poor diet with lack of exercise and with exposure to lots of environmental toxins, our bodies become unbalanced and with diminished energy levels. This is why you need to always find a way of restoring balance to your body and using essential oils are a great way of doing that. Essential oils are fast gaining popularity due to the fact that they entail the use of natural herbs and remedies for our modern stresses and problems. More and more people prefer the traditional remedies in order to avoid the negative effects of chemicals. This book will give you an insight in to what essential oils really are, how you can choose the appropriate ones and how to use them. In addition to that, it gives you the different recipes of essential oils you can try out to help you relax, relieve stress and improve your mental health. Generally, it educates you on all the important facts about essential oils. When you finish reading it, you will never allow yourself to be overwhelmed by life's' stresses or have mental health problems because you will have discovered the secret of essential oils. Just A Few of The Recipes Included.... Alertness spray Refreshing spray Mental clarity spray Alertness massage oil Much, much more! Scroll UP and Buy Your Copy Today!

Iron In Soils And Clay Minerals

RRP $1.00

' is really valuable and useful. It is not only a reference book but moreover a complete and rigorous study treatise, indispenssable for all prsons who need to learn about iron and its compounds, including the organic complexes and microbiological reactions. It plainly satisfies these aims and should be compulsory reading for university and research institute libraries. It is valuable for any scientist related with soil science, geology, sedimentology, geochemistry, mineralogy, or, more in general, anybody connected with the geosciences. It also provides a very good, up to date revision of iron literature up to 1987 and is, therefore, a rich source of information.' Geoderma, 47:1

Essential Oils

RRP $18.99

Unleash the power of essential oils and discover what they can do for your health today! Essential oils have many benefits, and the best part is they're natural! Essential oils are highly concentrated oils derived from plants. They have many benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. But how do you know what type of oil to use and how? Should you ingest it? Dilute it? Diffuse it? Inhale it? Or use it topically? There are so many wonderful options when it comes to essential oils that knowing which one to choose and how to use it can get pretty intimidating. This special step by step guide to essential oils will teach you what essential oils are, which essential oils to choose and how to use essential oils. When essential oils are used properly, they enable you to reap the most powerful benefits from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory propertiesThe many uses of essential oils Essential oils can be used in your everyday life for aromatherapy, personal care, natural medicine and even as a household cleanerEssential oils can also be used to:

  • Improve Sleep
  • Relieve Tension
  • Relax
  • Massage your skin
  • Calm your upset child
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Clear Acne
  • Detox your body with an essential oils detox bath
  • Enhance your homemade shampoo
  • and much more
When using essential oils it's important to remember to stay safe. This book will teach you about the safety precautions involved in using essential oils.Here is a preview of what's inside
  • Getting to know essential oils
  • choosing the right essential oil
  • Combining essential oils
  • To dilute or not to dilute
  • Much, much more!
      One essential oil can have multiple uses. This book will walk you through the purpose of each essential oil and get you started on the fascinating, life-giving journey of using essential oils to improve your health and well-being.Scroll up and grab your copy now!

Can Anybody Hear Me?!! Voices Of Youth

RRP $16.99

Our young people have a lot to say about their lives but they often wonder can anybody hear them. In this collection of short stories, skits and scenes you will hear the voices of some of those youth. Hear the voice of Mark, the captain of 1S 201?s basketball teams. He?s a natural leader. Usually he makes great decisions on and off the court. But when he encounters Troy his decisions don?t only affect him, they affect others. Hear the voice of Rasheeda A+ student who enjoys her friends and family. But lately she can?t sleep. Rasheeda finds it hard to focus especially because she?s holding on to a terrible secret. Hear the voice of Angela and Rebecca two high school seniors who take a walk home from school. They soon discover that an obvious sign keeps their community in fear, holds no one accountable and one of them has the voice to make the difference. Hear the voice of EJ a 17 year old student trying to maneuver his way through family, school and relationship. For him life is full of uncertainty. After a tragic lost he soon discovers the thing he wasn?t ready to become ? he already is. These are some of the voices of youth who wonder if anyone is listening

In Situ Immobilization Of Heavy-metal-contaminated Soils

RRP $564.99

Many waste solutions and sludges contaminated with heavy metals are generated during aircraft maintenance operations at various Air Force Air Logistics Centers. The disposal of these waste streams by previously acceptable means has led to problems with the contamination of both soil and groundwater. Available technologies for treating contaminated soils are expensive. In situ immobilization of heavy metals is a cost-effective treatment alternative to alleviate the environmental and health hazards associated with contaminated soils. The objective of the program was the laboratory evaluation of various treatment chemicals for the in situ immobilization of hexavalent chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper and zinc in soils from Air Force facilities in the United States.


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